Illustrated Guide to Medical Terminology 2nd Edition

July 9, 2017



The groundbreaking ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY is now even more effective for today’s learners. Ideal for brief, introductory, or essentials courses, the second edition of this proven resource teaches fundamental medical terms using word parts, without bogging students down in detailed anatomy and physiology discussions. A highly visual approach — with abundant use of tables, charts, and illustrations — makes this guide effective for students of diverse backgrounds, including ESL speakers, students focused on career preparation, and auditory and visual learners.

Meet the Author

Juanita J. Davies, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Juanita Davies is an award-winning instructor who taught anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology in various health care disciplines. She also has written extensively on the subject of medical terminology. Her early work includes A PROGRAMMED LEARNING APPROACH TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY and an online medical terminology test bank containing 15,000 questions. Her first book with Cengage — MODERN MEDICAL LANGUAGE — is a high-level text comprising anatomy, medical terminology, pathology, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and treatment. Her second — ESSENTIALS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY — is an anatomy and medical terminology text with a complexity level that is suitable for two-semester terminology courses as well as adaptable to one-semester courses. Her third — A QUICK REFERENCE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY — is a useful medical terminology handbook that can also be used as a very inexpensive terminology text. It has been bundled with anatomy and physiology texts to form a comprehensive single text. Her fourth book — AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY — is particularly suitable for today’s visual learners with its focus on comprehensive illustrations and writing directed at those illustrations. Although both are comprehensive, ILLUSTRATED has a different delivery style than ESSENTIALS.

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