CONTINUUM: Lifelong Learning in Neurology – Volume 23 , Issue 3 – Neurology of Systemic Disease
Neurology / June 24, 2017

    Learing Objectives Upon completion of this Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology Neurology of Systemic Disease issue, participants will be able to:   • Discuss the most commonly described autoimmune neurologic conditions affecting the central nervous system and develop an approach to the diagnostic workup of patients presenting with central nervous system symptoms or signs that could be immune mediated, either paraneoplastic or idiopathic, to guide therapeutic decision making • Discuss neurologic complications of cardiac and aortic disease • Discuss the neurologic complications of lymphoma, leukemia, and paraproteinemic disorders, recognize the clinical presentation and imaging findings of these diseases, and apply appropriate management • Diagnose rheumatologic disorders associated with neurologic manifestations and recognize possible neurologic complications of treatment of rheumatologic disease • Describe the overlap between renal disease and the nervous system, including genetically determined and acquired diseases affecting both organ systems and the effects of kidney failure and dialysis on the nervous system • Discuss the range of neurologic symptoms that may develop in selected gastrointestinal disease processes • Diagnose and manage neurologic problems that may arise in association with diseases of the liver • Identify the neurologic manifestations of endocrine emergencies and formulate the appropriate diagnostic evaluation…

Anatomy Questions for the MRCS 1st Edition
Anatomy / June 24, 2017

  This is the only revision resource devoted to anatomy at MRCS level with over 200 questions grouped by anatomical region, each with five true/false parts. Anatomy Questions for the MRCS comes in a portable, user-friendly paperback format with answer sections clearly marked to help determine weak areas of knowledge and reinforce learning. Written by authors with first-hand experience of the current MRCS examination format and with experienced senior advisor, this highly original text is a must-have for all MRCS candidates and a useful tool for medical students preparing for surgical examinations.       Do you like this book ? Was it useful for you ? If so , please purchase an original copy from the link below :

Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, 14th Edition
Histology / June 21, 2017

    The most authoritative, current, and beautifully illustrated histology text available―NEW chapter-ending multiple-choice questions review must-know material A Doody’s Core Title for 2017! NEW clinical vignettes have been added to each chapter Full-color, easy-to-understand drawings provide just the right level of detail necessary to reinforce key concepts and facilitate comprehension and retention of text material For more than three decades, Junqueira’s Basic Histology has been unmatched in its ability to explain the function of cell and tissue structure in the human body. Updated to reflect the latest research in the field, and enhanced with more than 1,000 illustrations, most in full-color, the Fourteenth Edition reflects the most comprehensive and modern approach to understanding medical histology available anywhere. This well-regarded classic is distinguished by chapters focusing on the cytoplasmic and nuclear compartment of the cell, the four basic tissues that form the organs, and each organ system. In response to reader demand, the legends are now concise, stand-alone summaries of the illustrations. Applauded for its visual appeal, Junqueira’s is enhanced by full-color micrographs that comprise a complete atlas of tissue sections. These state-of-the-art micrographs highlight the important features of every tissue and organ in the human body, while full-color, easy-to-understand…

Forensic Microbiology 1st Edition
Forensic Medicine , Microbiology / June 21, 2017

Forensic Microbiology focuses on newly emerging areas of microbiology relevant to medicolegal and criminal investigations: postmortem changes, establishing cause of death, estimating postmortem interval, and trace evidence analysis. Recent developments in sequencing technology allow researchers, and potentially practitioners, to examine microbial communities at unprecedented resolution and in multidisciplinary contexts. This detailed study of microbes facilitates the development of new forensic tools that use the structure and function of microbial communities as physical evidence.

Basic Immunology lectures – Ahmed Elias
Immunology / June 19, 2017

This book is based on lectures which were presented by DR. Ahmed Elias in MLS college , university of Khartoum for master students (2013-2015) Table of Contents Chapter 1 : Basic Immunology Chapter 2 : Clinical Immunology Chapter3 : Immunological tests      

Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests 4th Edition
Medical Laboratory / June 19, 2017

Description This new edition of Norbert Tietz’s classic handbook presents information on common tests as well as rare and highly specialized tests and procedures – including a summary of the utility and merit of each test. Biological variables that may affect test results are discussed, and a focus is placed on reference ranges, diagnostic information, clinical interpretation of laboratory data, interferences, and specimen types. New and updated content has been added in all areas, with over 100 new tests added. Key Features Tests are divided into 8 main sections and arranged alphabetically. Each test includes necessary information such as test name (or disorder) and method, specimens and special requirements, reference ranges, chemical interferences and in vivo effects, kinetic values, diagnostic information, factors influencing drug disposition, and clinical comments and remarks. The most current and relevant tests are included; outdated tests have been eliminated. Test index (with extensive cross references) and disease index provide the reader with an easy way to find necessary information Table of Contents Section 1 Preanalytical aspects New! Section 2 General Clinical Tests Section 3 Molecular Diagnostics Section 4 Therapeutic Drugs and Drugs of Abuse Section 5 Clinical Microbiology Section 6 Immunophenotyping Markers New! Section 7 Pharmacogenomics…

Anatomy Trains : Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists , 2nd Edition
Anatomy / June 19, 2017

The brand new Anatomy Trains book maps the longitudinal myofascial connections – how the muscles are functionally linked in ‘myofascial meridians’ through the fascial webbing. Anatomy Trains opens a unique window to the anatomy of connection via this book – fully illustrated in 4-color with new anatomy art, fascial dissections, and a host of hands-on and movement applications for various postural and functional patterns.

Anatomy Hand-Out Collection
Anatomy / June 14, 2017

Anatomy Hand-Out Complete Collection by DR. Sameh Doss (PhD) , Professor of anatomy faculty of medicine , Cairo university   Complete Collection : Basis of Anatomy Head & Neck Lower Limbs Thorax Upper Limbs

Imaging Anatomy : Musculoskeletal , 2nd Edition
Anatomy , Medical Laboratory , Radiology / June 14, 2017

  Now in its second edition, Imaging Anatomy: Musculoskeletal is a complete anatomic atlas of the musculoskeletal system, boasting an improved organization with easily accessible information that is standardized for each body region. Brand new chapters, updated anatomical coverage, and highly detailed images combine to make this quick yet in-depth resource ideal for day-to-day reference .   Emphasizes relevant anatomy for clinical practice, and combines text and images to detail normal variants and imaging pitfalls New chapters highlight normal variants and imaging pitfalls for each anatomical region with measurements and lines that are valuable to referring clinicians Updated anatomical coverage now includes information on regions such as the thumb Features both the left and right extremities and has significantly larger and improved scout images to expedite reference Includes arthrographic anatomy for each joint Individual chapters provide an anatomical overview, radiographic and arthrographic anatomy, and MR atlas for each region Expert Consult eBook version is included with purchase and allows you to search all of the text, figures, images, and references from the book on a variety of devices  

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