Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests 4th Edition
Medical Laboratory / June 19, 2017

Description This new edition of Norbert Tietz’s classic handbook presents information on common tests as well as rare and highly specialized tests and procedures – including a summary of the utility and merit of each test. Biological variables that may affect test results are discussed, and a focus is placed on reference ranges, diagnostic information, clinical interpretation of laboratory data, interferences, and specimen types. New and updated content has been added in all areas, with over 100 new tests added. Key Features Tests are divided into 8 main sections and arranged alphabetically. Each test includes necessary information such as test name (or disorder) and method, specimens and special requirements, reference ranges, chemical interferences and in vivo effects, kinetic values, diagnostic information, factors influencing drug disposition, and clinical comments and remarks. The most current and relevant tests are included; outdated tests have been eliminated. Test index (with extensive cross references) and disease index provide the reader with an easy way to find necessary information Table of Contents Section 1 Preanalytical aspects New! Section 2 General Clinical Tests Section 3 Molecular Diagnostics Section 4 Therapeutic Drugs and Drugs of Abuse Section 5 Clinical Microbiology Section 6 Immunophenotyping Markers New! Section 7 Pharmacogenomics…

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